Who has really won the Olympics? Grenada!


The last notes of Samba resounding from the closing show are still in the air in Rio and greatest champions and teams are celebrated worldwide; athletes such as Katie Ledecky, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, to name few, will be remembered by kids whose fathers are not still born.

A quick look at the official ranking tells the winners is US with the impressive number of 121 medals (46 golds), followed by a fantastic Great Britain team with 67 (27 golds), China 70 (26 golds), doping axed Russia 56 (19 golds) and others little-by-little.

But the questions swirling in my mind are the following: for the sake of the Olympics spirit, shouldn’t be more honest draw a ranking weighting results related to population and resources of the country? Why countries and athletes with lower resources must be always located to back seats?

Finally surfing the web i did clarify my doubt! Those in fact are exactly the questions www.medalspercapita.com answer to, not only for the current edition but for all of the previous ones till Athens 1896!

So it’s very interesting to know that on a weighted (4 points to gold, 2 to silver, 1 to bronze) per capita scale the winning team would be Grenada with 53,412 people per weighted medal, followed up by Bahamas with 77,603 while on the lower place of the podium we would find Jamaica with 85,185. Long far away the first “big” country is Great Britain on 16th place with 380,925 while classic superpowers are even lower: US 36th, Russia 37th and China 72nd!

Talking of GDP per weighted medal the podium is slightly different: Grenada is always on the first place with 0.41b US$ per weighted medal, Jamaica is second with 0.47b US$ while Kenya is third with a more than honest 0.91b US$. On this field most celebrated countries take an even greater lesson from “little” ones, in fact the first superpower is Russia 35th followed by Great Britain 36th (both around 14b US$), China 61st and, hard to believe, US are 64th with 51b US$.

This means Grenada is roughly 124 times more sport-effective than US and 34 times than UK… In Tokyo 2020 we all should stand up at their national anthem.



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