Beat Brexit with night-life economy

A strong help to overcome Brexit struggles may apparently come from an unexpected allied: night-life economy.

Starting from August 19th, in fact, the night opening of tube’s busiest Central and Victoria lines on fridays and saturdays should bring an immediate boost to London’s economy.


London Underground – Courtesy Wikipedia

According to a report compiled by the Centre for Economic and Business Research and reported by, we could expect from night opening and few licensing laws tweaks an immediate 3bn £ extra earnings, with a potential growth to 43bn £ – along with an extra 115,000 jobs – by 2030.

Surprisingly the night-life contribution will not mainly benefit Entertainment/Recreation sector (1.3bn £) but Logistic/Delivery (7.8bn £), Financial and Professional sector (5.6bn £) and Health/Social work (5.4bn £).

A full 24/7 London thus could lead to important figures to city’s economy… drink a pint after dinner has never been so healthy!

Centre for Economic and Business Research:

City A.M.:


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