The Garages Era has ended


HP first HQ in Palo Alto

Like it or not we left the Garages Era to dive into the Co-operational one.

Many of the most successful companies of today were born and moved their first steps in a garage. The ones in particular founded in the past century, that shaped our present world, like Apple, HP, Google, Amazon, Facebook (ok it was a dorm-room and this century… ) among others defined the pioneering era of two-friends-in-one-garage companies that were later capable of changing our lifestyle and philosophy of business.

But will this be still possible, in such a magnitude at least, nowadays? Could your nerd next door neighbour kid be the “new Steve Jobs”? Well definitely not to me.


Mr. & Mrs. Jobs garage in Los Altos

The reason is that the world of startups has dramatically changed. Find a new idea, implement it and raise the money to make it a working product has turned from an old, gold retrievers issue into a perfect team co-operation based war.

The key for a successful  startup now is, beside the idea and the team working on it, developing it in a stimulating environment that can at the same time address you and facilitate all the time consuming issues such as find money, human resources, an office rather then housing.

This is thus the Era of Co-working in shared offices, incubators and accelerators where you can share, test and develop your ideas with other startuppers and experienced consultants. This will be the era of Co-living, where you share your house with other mates possibly working on your same sectors in tech houses with wifi, computers and events attended by sector gurus, mentors and experts. Almost all of before said companies, in fact,  have accelerators and co-operating programs to catch the “next Facebook” company.

Co-operational Era is the legacy, on the other hand, of Garages Era companies. Hopefully we’ll have men and women beside new start-ups able to split the tech history in two as many of their Garages Era ancestors did.

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